Terms & Conditions


Passenger means: individuals, groups, companies or other legal persons using the services offered by Prime Seyahat ve Turizm Limited Şirketi and includes the agents of passenger.

Services means: the provision of transportation as offered by Prime Seyahat ve Turizm Limited Şirketi and accepted by the Client and Passenger (s).

Departure means: the scheduled date / time of departure of the Prime Seyahat ve Turizm Limited Şirketi vehicle.


Services will be charged according to our standard tariff, a copy of which is available on request. Unless a quotation or copy of our staff tariff is requested, it will be assumed that you are aware of the charges that will apply to the service and are willing to proceed on this basis.

If the status of a flight changes and/or we receive notification of the same after the vehicle has been dispatched, the service will be charged from the scheduled pick up time. We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that this information is accurate, however, we cannot be held responsible for any service failure caused by incorrect or inaccurate information provided by these third parties.

Currency: All prices are quoted in USD and EURO.


Unconfirmed bookings due to the following reasons will not be dispatched:

Payment not received 3 days prior to the scheduled booking.

Flight numbers not been provided.

Cell phone number not been provided.

Voucher / Official Company Order has not been received.

Transfers are calculated on a pre-determined zone and any change to this zone will result in change in rate.

A no-show fee of 100% will be charge for.

Should a booking be cancelled within 3 hours of the scheduled pick up Prime Seyahat ve Turizm Limited Şirketi reserves the right to charge100% cancellation fee.

It is the responsibility of the client to advise Prime Seyahat ve Turizm Limited Şirketi of any changes to flights or details.

Cash bookings to be pre-paid into Prime Seyahat ve Turizm Limited Şirketi account 3 days prior to service.


Our policy is to avoid charging our clients cancellation fees where we can, however, there will be some occasions where either we or our affiliate has incurred costs in the provision of a service that is cancelled.

Cancellation of a Private Transfer: A fee equal to the Private Transfer cost will be charged if a chauffeur has been dispatched. We reserve the right to charge a cancellation handling fee if the chauffeur has not be dispatched.

Cancellations less than 3 hours prior will be charged 100%.

Cancellations only accepted in writing –no verbal cancellations will be accepted.

All airport transfers we recommend a minimum of 2h.45min due to possible unforeseen circumstances.


Cash payments to the chauffeur: This form of payment is not accepted.

Electronic funds Transfer (EFT) payments: EFT Payments must be done at least 3 working days (72 hours) prior to drive. For international EFT payments up to 10 working days would be required.

Direct Bank Deposits (DBD): Cash Direct Bank Deposits would need to be done at least 3 working days (72 hours) prior to the drive.

Credit Card payments: Authorisation will be obtained from the relevant Financial Institution. If a Third Party is paying for a guest’s Private Transfer or As Directed a Third Party Credit Form would need to be completed.


Wait time is not charged for commercial flights unless customers choose to deviate from proceedings to the stated customer / chauffeur meeting location. In such instances, wait time beyond twenty (20) minutes will incur the transfer base charge plus the hourly charge prorated in fifteen (15) minute intervals.


Customers are allowed to make one stop which does not exceed fifteen (15) minutes during a transfer. If the top exceeds fifteen (15) minutes, the customer will be charged the transfer base rate plus the hourly charge for the vehicle in fifteen (15) minute increments up to forty-five (45) minutes, then the trip will convert to an hourly charge.


Certain charges are in addition to base rates. Includes chauffeur hotel accommodation and meals, greeter fee, parking, port fee, special requests and tolls.


The Company maintains a strict non-smoking policy in all its vehicles.


Passengers at all times are entirely responsible for the whereabouts and safekeeping of their luggage and other personal effects. We can accept not liability for loss or damage at any time under any circumstances.


All vehicles provided by Prime Seyahat ve Turizm Limited Şirketi will be equipped with seatbelts and it is the passenger’s exclusive responsibility to ensure they are worn at all times whilst in the vehicle.

We accept no liability for loss, damage, death or bodily injury that can be attributed to a passenger’s failure to wear a seatbelt or other restraint device that was available for their use and in working order. When infants are travelling, it is the exclusive responsibility of the accompanying parent, guardian or carer to ensure that the infant is protected by a restraint system appropriate for the child’s age and size.


We reserve the rights to terminate service provision at any time for any of the following reasons:

Our employees, affiliates or representatives are subjected to threatening or abusive behaviour, verbal or physical.

Any other circumstances when a passenger’s conduct may prejudice the safety of themselves, other passengers, the chauffeur or the vehicle.

Any unlawful or inappropriate activity.


Our services are provided to you in a business-to-business capacity, the Services are not for private domestic use. This is not a consumer contract and accordingly, we accept no liability for any business loss (which includes without limitation, any loss of contracts, loss of profits, loss of revenue or loss of anticipated savings in expenditure or any loss or corruption of data) however caused, even if foreseeable.

We reserve the right to subcontract the provision of the Services to Associates and in such situations, our liability is limited to ensuring that we use due care and skill in the selection of the sub-contractor or affiliate company to provide the Services. If we are liable to you for any reason, our liability will be limited to the direct costs you incur which are a foreseeable consequence of our failure up to a maximum value of a one day chauffeur drive with Prime Limousine.


Passengers may be held liable for the cost of repairing damage caused to the vehicle which could not be attributed to reasonable wear and tear. Examples include but are not limited to:

Damage caused to doors through careless operation.

The spillage of food or drink in the vehicle.Cigarette burns to upholstery.